Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Alberta Oil magazine goes after mobile with special oil sands report

Alberta Oil magazine has gone for QR coding in a big way, with the cover of its special report on Alberta's oil sands featuring a QR background and a smaller code in one corner that is actually scannable.The magazine said in a release
The inclusion of the QR code is part of a larger strategy to extend Alberta Oil content to mobile readers. The code leads readers to an exclusive video tour of Syncrude Canada’s research centre in Edmonton, filmed by Alberta-based web video agency Zoom. With a budget of approximately $60 million, this centre serves as a testing ground for ideas that aim to improve production and environmental performance for this oil sands pioneer.
 Editor Darren Campbell said of the special issue:
“The oil sands hold much promise for Alberta and for Canada, but the challenges facing the sector are also immense,” says Alberta Oil editor Darren Campbell. “In our annual oil sands report we wanted to dig deeper and tell our readers how the industry is facing up to those challenges so that that promise can be achieved.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

QR codes are old news and a useless tool. It is way faster to type in a web address then it is to go on your phone, find your QR code reader, scan it and then wait for your browser to open. Dying technology.

2:37 pm  

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