Thursday, February 16, 2012

Father Rémi steps down and Isabelle Marcoux becomes chair of TC Transcontinental

Rémi Marcoux steps down as chair of Transcon
The orderly transition at the top of TC Transcontinental Inc.took its next step today at the company's annual general meeting in Montreal with the retirement of Rémi Marcoux as chair of the company -- the largest publisher of consumer magazines in Canada -- and the succession by his daughter, Isabelle. M. Marcoux will remain on the board as a director.
Isabelle Marcoux steps up
“My dream was to found a company that was built on my values and that would last for a long time," said Marcoux . "Every day I have had the great pleasure of realizing this dream. In addition to enjoying seeing Transcontinental grow, I also have a great feeling of pride. We are members of the select group that has been in business for 35 years or more, and this is a wonderful achievement. It shows our ability to weather storms and change. We had to adapt, anticipate trends, transform ourselves and take calculated risks. In this period when the print, media and marketing communications industries are in a state of transformation, I am certain that Transcontinental will continue to find excellent opportunities for growth.”
Francois Olivier, the president and chief executive officer of TC Transcontinental, which makes most of its money from the printing side, told the AGM
“I would describe 2011 as a year of major change at Transcontinental. We have redefined the basis of our future development. Whether this involved modernizing our values, positioning and our new branding; or setting up programs to promote innovation; or markedly improving the performance of our print network; or announcing the acquisition of Quad/Graphics Canada; or amalgamating our Media and Interactive sectors, we have had a single aim throughout: to serve our customers better.”
He emphasized the continuing high effectiveness of print, with 46% of advertising spending going into print. He also reported that TC's more than 1,000 websites now reach more than half of all Canadian web users and that digital and interactive marketing now accounts for 10%, or about $200 million, of TC Transcontinental's consolidated revenue. 
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh. A fresh new face to run their magazine business (which they don't actually understand or respect) into the ground...

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