Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Faux nudity vexes Canadian supermodel airbrushed by Elle Brazil

A Canadian supermodel, Coco Rocha, is seriously steamed about being made to appear nude or nearly so on the cover of Elle Brazil. The 23-year-old model wears a see-through dress, but says she was wearing a flesh-coloured body suit underneath, a garment which was airbrushed away to make her appear nude. This was done, she says, in direct violation of her contract which specifically bans airbrushing and nudity. 
As described by British fashion magazine Grazia's site
"Ooh! Take a look at Coco Rocha looking utterly ravishing on the cover of Elle Brazil's May issue. Her burgundy hair has been pulled into a tight centre parting, her cheekbones are looking sharper than ever and her ample assets are peeping through a blue sheer dress that could be mistaken for nothing but a fancy body tattoo."
 A Canadian Press story quotes Rocha saying 
"This was specifically against my expressed verbal and written direction to the entire team that they not do so," she writes. "I'm extremely disappointed that my wishes and contract was ignored.
"I strongly believe every model has a right to set rules for how she is portrayed and for me these rules were clearly circumvented."

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