Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three ways to learn how to build better magazines, in print or online

The Magazine and Web Publishing program at Ryerson's Chang School has plenty to be proud of and this spring term it's offering three, excellent career-building examples, all of which start in a couple of weeks (so there's no time to waste registering):
  • Magazine Copy Editing (CDJN119) is taught by Bernadette Kuncevicius, senior editor at CA magazine and one of the best in the business. The course runs Monday and Wednesday evenings starting April 30 for seven weeks. This valuable skill-building course  is useful to anyone who will be working with copy, in print or online. It's not only for those who want to be copy editors; it will also make better writers and better editors by understanding how to obtain the finer things in publishing like clarity and accuracy.
  • Magazine Marketing and Circulation (CDJN202) is taught by Darlene Storey, the vice-president of consumer marketing for St. Joseph Media. This course is only offered once a year, but it's worth waiting for. Circulation offers more potential for revenue growth and more career opportunities than any other area of magazine publishing. It's where we get our readers from whether it's for print or online. The course starts Wednesday, May 2  [note: the course now starts a week later, on Wednesday, May 9] and runs for 7 weeks.
  • Magazine Production (CDJN205) is about making magazines, but not just putting ink on paper. As Kim Latreille, the national director, production for St. Joseph Media (who teaches the course) makes clear. It's about the fundamentals of print production, but also repurposing text and pictures for the web as well as a range of other formats and platforms.The 14-week course starts Tuesday evenings, beginning May 1.
[Disclosure: I teach in the program and am its coordinator.]



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