Friday, November 02, 2012

Almanac rises from the ashes of
Harrowsmith closure

From the ashes of Harrowsmith Country Living magazine, which was abruptly closed last year by Malcolm Publishing (leaving subscribers in the lurch) has arisen one of its most popular spinoffs -- a revived version of the Harrowsmith Truly Canadian Almanac
According to a story on Masthead, Moongate Publishing, a company created by former Harrowsmith staffer Yolanda Thornton and James Morris, have published 92,000 copies of the 2013 issue of the digest sized book, distributed across Canada. It was edited by former longtime Harrowsmith Country Life editor Tom Cruickshank.
A first-ever spring edition is planned; a website and Facebook page for the Almanac have also been launched.  
"Together with Tom Cruickshank, we have great plans for the Harrowsmith Almanac brand," [noted Thornton]. When asked whether Harrowsmith Country Life will also be brought back, she said, "There is an appetite in the market to revive the magazine and it's something we are exploring."
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