Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quebec TV personality Véronique Cloutier to lend name to TC Media magazine launch

Photo: Christophe Collette
TC Media has announced that it is partnering with popular Radio-Canada TV and radio personality Véronique Cloutier to launch a new French  language women's magazine next fall  in Quebec called VÉRO. 

The quarterly will be sold on newsstands throughout the province starting targeting "passionate, active women who want to feel good about themselves, who treasure time with their families and have a zest for life."
"What an honour to have my own magazine!" said Véronique Cloutier. "An opportunity to capture the beauty of the world on the printed page, and to share favourite things, thoughts, small pleasures, it's just fantastic!"
While the magazine will bear Cloutier's nickname, the actual ownership, publishing and content creation rests with TC Media. Cloutier is described as the inspiration and "muse-in-chief" for the magazine brand. VÉRO will be headed by Sylvie Poirier, former editor-in-chief of a number of high-profile women's magazines such as ELLE Québec. 
"VÉRO magazine is a natural fit for us and will enrich our portfolio of publications for women by showcasing the unique personality and values of Véro, one of the most respected and admired women in Quebec," said Lise Paul-Hus, group publisher and VP, consumer solutions Montreal for TC Media in a release. "We are very pleased to launch this magazine, which is sure to become staple reading for the women of Quebec, an opportunity to share special and intimate moments with Véro, and another way for her to engage with her audience. We greatly appreciate Véro's confidence in this project."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So TC Media... Transcon whatever, closes More, but decides to launch Vero? Ha. Let me guess... the budget line for content in the business plan (they did write a business plan right?) shows a "0"!

11:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. Expanding her brand with TC Media while her fellow (underpaid) media colleagues face a contract that attempts to wrest all rights from them.

Unfortunately, Quebec media insiders are reluctant to attack Cloutier, who wields significant clout. Maybe it's time for the ROC to step up on their behalf?

2:35 pm  

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