Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Financial problems force MagsBC to
let ED Sylvia Skene go

The financial problems of the Magazine Association of BC have culminated in letting executive director Sylvia Skene go. A note to the membership from president Jenn Farrell said this was effective March 28 and that the work Skene had been doing will, for now, be done by members of the board and other volunteers. The organization is also looking to sublet part of its current office space.
"None of you will be surprised to hear that times are financially tight. MagsBC, along with many of our member magazines, has always had to make do with a little less than we’d like. But recent years have been especially challenging: we’ve seen a decrease in federal and provincial funding, along with a distinct shift from operational funding to a project-based model. All indicators suggest that this trend will continue, and so our focus, as always, has been on creating projects and initiatives that will best serve our diverse membership."
The message made it clear that Skenes' departure was part of an effort to streamline costs and find a more sustainable model for the future, thanking Skene for her "tireless work as ED and her commitment to our organization." Skene was appointed as executive director in August 2011 and came into an organization that was already funding-challenged. 

Mags BC intends in the coming year to continue to offer its internship program, its Magazine of Magazines and its new web-based professional development seminars.
"We’re also encouraged by our involvement in Creative BC, an independent non-profit society that will engage government and industry to develop a five-year strategic plan for the creative industries and conduct a review of government support programs for the sector," said Farrell. 
"Three million dollars in government funding has already been earmarked for Creative BC, and MagsBC will be working with its creative partners—MusicBC, the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC), and the Canadian Media Production Association, BC Producers Branch—to drive that funding to the requested $15 million over the next five years. 
"A fully funded provincial creative industries strategy—no matter what government is in place—will go a long way to ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting creative community, of which Mags BC will be an integral part."
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Blogger Unknown said...

A quick thanks to Sylvia. I've been working with her on the blue box changes looming in BC and she has been a tireless and valued partner in the process. She will be missed.

Scott Wheatley

10:25 am  

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