Monday, August 26, 2013

Magazines Canada consolidates DM, digital and retail promotion efforts

Magazines Canada has merged three of its circulation campaigns and, beginning this fall will promote for its members Canadian Magazines Everywhere -- direct mail, the digital newsstand and Independent retail promotions. Participants in the combined program, promoting delivery of magazines on many different platforms, including desktops and tablets, will contribute one print ad and active participation in promotional e-mails and/or social media (previously they had provided their subscriber list to MC and contributed two print ads.)
"By integrating our marketing efforts, this project will leverage the strengths of each program and create better efficiencies and results. Running one program instead of three also means that your contributions are simplified," [said a bulletin to members].
The deadline for signing a participation agreements is September 3, 2013. 

Magazines Canada has enjoyed considerable success in its annual cooperative direct mail marketing campaign since its launch in 2003. Its most recent Buy 2, Get 1 Free campaign, which ended in February, had about 190 titles participating  with over 100 available in both print and digital (most pdf replicas through the MC partnership with Zinio). The DM campaign has sold more than 10,000 subs annually (the biggest result was 2009, with 14,600.) In the past three years, that totals 267,000 copies delivered.

However funding has become tighter in recent years, necessitating the consolidation of promotional efforts. The various campaigns are largely subsidized by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) as well as through support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation, Canada Post, Consumer Intelligence Group and CDS Global. 

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