Monday, July 05, 2010

Will it be the law to disclose that a magazine has airbrushed its cover model?

We won't hold our breath about seeing it in Canada or the States, but there is an interesting proposal in Australia that would require magazines to carry disclaimers about their fashion photos being airbrushed and Photshopped. (This is not the first country to consider it.) According to a story in Marie Claire's U.K. website, the Australian government unveiled a new strategy to deal with women's body image problems and eating disorders.
Kate Ellis, the Australian youth minister, admitted that the principles were small steps, but would help to end glamorisation of unhealthily thin women.

'Body image is an issue that we must take seriously because it is affecting the health and happiness of substantial sections of our community' she said.

Under a new code of conduct for the fashion industry, magazines must agree to refrain from heavy retouching of body parts, including the common practices of leg lengthening and trimming of waistlines. The new code also demands that altered photographs must now carry a disclaimer.
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